After a couple of months of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

We wanted a new website to better collaborate with our partners, clients and associates on that which we are most passionate about: sharing our perspective and generating debate on key issues on social policy in international development.

History and vision

Thinkcore focuses on industrial process control and communications, information system security integration in the coal energy, transportation, and power industries, as well as integration of mobile Internet and IoT applications under new technology conditions. In the coal industry, mobile intelligent mine systems, coal safety production systems, Internet of Things applications, and integrated information dispatching system for the power industry information, and information security integration of the TMIS system in the transportation industry have many cases to help customers gain arrogance in information technology to assist industrialization. Human achievement. We have developed and deployed the nation’s largest coal mine safety monitoring system, railway transportation special network information security protection system, mine mobile communication and personnel positioning system, and power enterprise communication and dispatching integration system. In the past three years, we have accumulated rich experience and accumulated technology in the planning and construction of cloud computing and enterprise data center virtualization and disaster recovery.

Following up on the latest technology development and finding the best partner, Thinkcore attaches great importance to the cooperation and win-win cooperation with the domestic and international original manufacturers and the industry friends. Currently, it is a Cisco Certified Partner, VMWare Certified Partner, IBM, and Microsoft Application Development Partner, and has established good partnerships with HP Lenovo, and other outstanding domestic and foreign manufacturers.


Since its establishment, Thinkcore Systems has always built on the needs of users and accumulated many years of advanced technologies and forward-looking developments. Based on the actual situation of users, it has provided users with quality products and tailor-made solutions. Intimate technical service.



If the service is closed, you can still ask a question or provide feedback via the online enquiry form.