Hejiexun Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company providing production automation monitoring and monitoring hardware products, software products, solutions and information technology services. It provides comprehensive and integrated industrial information solutions for enterprise safety production.

1, The fusion of perfect multi-graphic formats.

2, The use of spatial information integration: The system is fully upgraded to “unified space” on the basis of inheriting the “one map” feature. Only by implementing wide integration through spatial relationship interfaces can the sharing and interoperability of complex information in all aspects of coal mines be smoothly achieved.

3, Core data three-dimension: The three-dimensional nature of the world, especially the complex relationship of the mining object in the up and down three-dimensional space, requires that the basic core data of the platform must be a three-dimensional spatial form.

4, 3D information, 2D operation: Do not force the user to operate 3D mode. Instead, it uses an interactive, two-dimensional CAD operation. DynaMine’s arterial platform has a powerful 3D visualization function, but unlike any other, the required information can be naturally acquired by users and can be displayed in three dimensions at any time. Three-dimensional can not only give full play to its unique advantages, but also completely behind the scenes, depending on the user’s preferences and needs.

5, Through the timeline, the real-time information and historical data are presented and stored separately: they can realize the full life cycle management of mines, and can realize time backtracking and render mine snapshots on demand.

6, One-machine multi-screen is the platform that our system displays. When the main screen changes with the observation position, several auxiliary windows will synchronize all kinds of information in the area where the main screen is focused. If the video automatically plays several nearby shots, at the same time, the personnel will automatically display the status of the personnel in the current area. At the same time, the status of various equipments in the area will be displayed synchronously. Our different applications such as automatic configuration switching, two-dimensional and three-dimensional perfection. Linkage.

7, A variety of complex information linkage: search linkage, alarm linkage, operation linkage, request linkage.

8, Convenient configuration tools for graphical editing and data acquisition of the system, and the user’s operation is convenient and simple.

9, Perfectly designing production scheduling, commanding and application of group and regional centers.

10, Deep integration based on time and space: The downhole production systems are independent of one another, and the operations depend on each other. There is a strong correlation between fully mechanized mining, excavation, transportation, power supply, and ventilation in operation, but the actual production equipment is relatively discrete in operation and state, and the business is different from the others. The DynaMine (artery) safety production command platform integrates real-time monitoring system data of multiple systems such as fully mechanized mining, electromechanical, ventilation, safety supervision, personnel, and communications into one system to realize comprehensive monitoring and control of “one map” of all mines. Centralized dispatch and emergency command.