Thinkcore Systems distribute Otterroom products and provide technical support.

Otterroom Conference Products are natively designed for Cisco Meeting Server (acano) since 2014. All our best features is coming from customer daily requirements. We are sincerely wish to hear customer idea from you and create better life together.

Otterroom Conference Management

Today Video Conferencing users participate in joint meetings as standard, with high-quality video, audio and content sharing.OCM (Otterroom Conference Management) can provide users with a better experience. OCM can Create video conference, Set each Attendee Layouts, Speaker, Camera, Dual-video and also support Calling or Rolling participant operations mode. OCM can give all your need for a small or huge conference operation system needed.

User can save conference that are often held as conference templates, and use it to configure and start a conference. Configuration template function allow user use a special configuration to start a conference. For example: Rolling Conference, automatically rotate the screen and sound of each Attendee.

OCM also support multi-tenant for service provider. Each tenant has its own independent management authority, can organize and manage conference within their own tenant. The tenants are not visible to each other.

Otterroom Recording and Streaming

ORS (Otterroom Recording and Streaming) conference streaming and recording solution is company own video center where you can record your CMS video meeting and streaming it via a web browser. The biggest advantage for steaming is the ability to stream content to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people—whomever you give permission to view.

The video will be able to view it securely on their tablets, laptops or smartphones in the highest resolution.

ORS can also record company conference video, audio and presentations. Plus, you can embed live and recorded videos on public websites and intranets.

Otterroom Audio Conference Application

OACA (Otterroom Audio Conference Application) are also natively designed for Cisco Meeting Server. The OACA add a pure audio bridge function on customer’s mobile device. User can use Android, iOS, Pad or PC/Mac to create or management an audio conference.

When user start an audio conference, OACA manage interface can do call-in, drop and fast add participants. We also support prefix add on each call, that can help to reduce the total voice fee. We support billing and fee rate for each all.

OACA can import corporate directory as organized phone book and support smart search by name, phone etc.